The Ethics Board – Notice of Compliance

Compliant with the Standard Handbook for Publishing and Reporting Ethics, File # 964853399 ,”Who You Meet Htichhiking the USA – Nemo’s Encounters Hitching from Toronto to San Francisco,”  meets the following provisions:

– respecting the respondent’s right to their own life: all names are either pseudonyms (marked by the symbol {PN}) or real names {RN} obtained only with the respondent’s permission. Furthermore, nothing should be published which could do injury to the respondent, especially as pertains to legal sanctions.

– respecting the respondent’s narrative: where the researcher and respondent exchanged contact information, the text was sent to the respondents for permission to publish. A post with the {P} symbol means that permission was received to publish the post as it is, while a sign with the {NC} means that the researcher has been unable to establish contact with the respondent. No post is published if the respondent so wishes.

quid pro quo: the researcher undertakes to open the site to requests from the respondents, including posting links to websites of their choosing and including little blurbs of their own (other requests can be accommodated).


The Ethics Board