About Zaputo

About Zaputo

Zaputo is the Evil Publishing Empire out to show Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch, and all the other jokers what media manipulation is really about. Currently on Zaputo’s propaganda roster you can find:

– Who You Meet Hitchhiking the USANemo‘s account of whom he met on his trans-American hitchhiking fieldwork.

– Adventures in Hitchhiking, the travel tales of Agarina, First Lady of American Hitchhiking.

Zaputo Answers, a collection of detailed and thought-provoking answers to questions you didn’t ask.

– Nature’s Poetry, Ender’s burnt and rhyming offerings to Science.

– Getting A Record Deal Through PoetryBerge & Pârvulescu‘s attempts to get their totally unknown band a record deal by sending music industry people unsolicited verse.

Zaputo is at present accepting new blogs and contributors, so if you want in on the cross-promotion pyramid scheme and don’t mind working for absolutely no pay, drop us a line at endremo [dot] partu [at] gmail [dot] com and we”ll get back to you with all the speed of capitalism.